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Change the licence terms

Instead of a 1 year licence, make it a no-upgrade, no-support, otherwise unlimited licence.

$79.99 is far to costly to issue only a 1 year licence.

pjbf1979, 21.01.2016, 07:51
Idea status: under consideration


CyprusLenny, 21.01.2016, 10:32
This is on Giveawayoftheday, therefore may I say this should be just that for use unlimited.
If it is good then word will spread as people like recommendations and they will seek
WPS Office 10 Business to purchase. You put it on Giveawayoftheday and that is what it should be unlimited. Thank you.
brosmith, 21.01.2016, 18:32
$79.99 is for the lifetime license. $44.99 is the 1 year license.

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